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Affordable services URGENT CARE     

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In the Dental Institute patients will get comprehensive dental healthcare which begins with an intensive, examination.  A Student Dental professional and faculty member discuss the outcomes from the exam and use you to definitely create a personalized plan for treatment.

In your treatment we are able to provide a multitude of services, including although not restricted to: dental cleanings,  tooth restorations, custom bridges to complete gaps produced by missing teeth, teeth implants, removable appliances for example partial and full dentures, minor dental surgery procedures and esthetic procedures for example veneers and teeth whitening.


During business hrs the Dental Institute may also see patients with urgent dental healthcare needs.  People experiencing discomfort, irritation or uncomfortable problems that can include, but aren’t always restricted to: swelling, mild fever,  broken dental restorations or appliances should contact the Dental Institute to create a scheduled appointment for urgent care.

Affordable services dental surgery procedures and

In situation of emergencies after normal hrs of operation, involving severe discomfort and/or swelling, please call 630-743-4500. If you’re not someone of record in the Dental Institute, please call your nearest hospital or urgent care center.

For those who have a existence-threatening emergency, please call 911 or visit the nearest hospital emergency center.


Affordable Services