Expert, comprehensive dental hygiene

Expert, comprehensive dental hygiene Illinois at Chicago


The College of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) College of Dentistry provides the widest range of general and specialty dental hygiene services in Chicago – on this page. We’ve over 280 faculty and resident dentists in general and advanced niche areas including Endodontists (root canal), Dental and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Dental Medicine & Facial Discomfort (TMJ) specialists, Orthodontists (braces), Pediatric and Special Needs Dentists, Periodontists (gums and teeth) and Prosthodontists (implants, restorations). We have 40+ researchers advancing scientific understanding to improve oral health outcomes in Chicago and around the globe. 

We focus on educating and helping patients adopt healthy dental hygiene habits and make the very best decisions to enhance their dental health. We all do this by making the effort to develop a strong relationship with all of our patients — for this reason patients choose UIC. 


Why Patients Choose UIC

Patients choose UIC not only for our comprehensive, specialized expertise easily located all in one location – but additionally simply because they understand the friendly, personalized and caring approach we offer in serving our mission.

Expert, comprehensive dental hygiene the widest range of

  • A range of dental hygiene from students, specialists-in-training or faculty
  • Comprehensive dental services for the entire family 
  • Complete selection of advanced niche services supplied by a group of across the country recognized experts
  • Discounted rates compared to area dentists
  • Make certain with insurance providers including Cigna and Delta Dental of IL
  • Multicultural clinical team who speak numerous languages to accommodate patients of diverse backgrounds
  • Convenient location next to CTA, bus lines and parking


An Extensive Range of General, Pediatric and Niche Dental Hygiene Services — All-in-one Convenient Location


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