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Superior Dental Hygiene (SDC) leads the means by dental benefits throughout Ohio, Kentucky,

Indiana and beyond!

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SDC offers our people among the largest systems nationwide, which means you&aposre guaranteed to locate a participating dental professional or specialist in your area!


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An Excellent Network

SDC&aposs network offers over 500, 000 access points through the U . s . States! Among the largest systems in the united states, you’re guaranteed to locate a dental professional or specialist in your town.

Can&apost find your dental professional? Invite these to join SDC or call us at (800) 762-3159 to touch on your dental professional for SDC network recruitment.

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To discover a participating dental professional or specialist where you live, simply enter your research criteria below.

Superior Vision Plan People: Check out the Look for a Provider page at to look for a participating vision provider.


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