Fundamental dental hygiene-overview

When your son or daughter is 6 several weeks old, your physician should assess the probability of your son or daughter getting future dental issues. If they thinks your son or daughter may have dental issues, make sure your son or daughter sees a dental professional before their first birthday or 6 several weeks following the first primary teeth appear camera.gif, whichever comes first. After the first visit, schedule regular visits every 6 several weeks or as the dental professional recommends.

It’s advocated that the child’s appointments with a dental professional start within 6 several weeks following the first teeth appear or at 12 several weeks old, whichever comes first. In case your baby has dental issues brought on by injuries, disease, or perhaps a developmental problem, visit your pediatric dental professional immediately.


Researching fundamental dental hygiene:

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Ongoing concerns:

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  • How do i cope with being concern about visiting the dental professional?

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Basic Dental Terminology