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Ohsu dental clinics teaching clinic

OHSU Dental Clinics provides affordable dentistry and niche dental healthcare with leading-edge technology and services from your beautiful School of Dentistry facility near the Tilikum Crossing Bridge in Portland’s South Waterfront district. There are also us at OHSU’s Russell Street Dental Clinic in North Portland, and also at select community health centers throughout Or. Enjoy tomorrow’s dentistry today at OHSU.

Comprehensive Care Teaching Clinic

Our Comprehensive Care Clinic provides quality, patient-centered general dentistry, done by dental students underneath the direct supervision of experienced dentists who’re faculty people from the School of Dentistry. Because we’re a teaching clinic, some appointments harder, but services can be found at less expensive than at area private practices. If you’re not already someone, the first visit includes a preliminary dental health screening to evaluate your general oral health needs.

Click the link to understand more about General Dentistry services at OHSU,
or call 503 494-8867 to plan a screening appointment. 

Faculty Dentist

The School Dentist at OHSU is really a

full-service, innovative dentist office where
many faculty people in the

School of Dentistry decide to practice. This isn’t a teaching clinic and

operates a lot more like a personal dentist’s office. On the top floor
from the

Skourtes Tower in Portland’s South Waterfront, the clinic offers sweeping views

of downtown Portland and also the Willamette River.

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or call 503 494-4316 to have an appointment.

Resourse: https://ohsu.edu/xd/health/services/dental-clinics/

People You Meet in Dental School at OHSU