Patient dental hygiene

We remember to supply the best treatment easy to our patients and also to meet or exceed the profession’s standards of care.

The College of Dental Medicine fosters a humanistic atmosphere of mutual respect and trust using its teaching, learning and delivery of patient care. This culture is based on open communication, emphasizing empowerment, cooperation, collaboration, and strengthening relationships of all people from the School of Dental Medicine community.

The College of Dental Medicine provides patients with dental hygiene appropriate to educating students within the contemporary techniques of dentistry, no matter race, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnic or national origin.

The mission from the School of Dental Medicine includes supplying comprehensive choose to an assorted patient population emphasizing health promotion and disease prevention. Simultaneously, students are educated and eager to supply treatment that fits the person requirements of the individual while using best scientific evidence available. Your resident/student physician or dental hygienist depends on your dedication to your plan for treatment, not just so you’ve got the best dental hygiene possible, but so each student can complete necessary educational needs. Treatment here, which begins with the first appointment, will take some more than should you visited a personal dentist office, however the dental hygiene you obtain will come across or exceed the grade of proper care of the dental medicine profession. Care is supplied in compliance using the School of Dental Medicine Standards of Care, the Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and suggestions in the Cdc and Prevention (CDC).

People are seen weekdays, 8a.m. – 4:30p.m. with extended hrs until 6p.m. on Tuesdays throughout the academic year.

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Comprehensive Care

The College of Dental Medicine believes within the philosophy of comprehensive care. It’s a safe and suggested approach to dental health strategy to most sufferers. A minumum of one option to your ideal plan for treatment (if relevant) is going to be recommended and its benefits, risks, and prognosis. Patients won’t can select only limited servings of the suggested plan for treatment.


Children’s Dental Insurance Plans

Acquiring dental insurance plans for the child might be confusing.  In case your child is included in State medicaid programs and also the Children’s Medical Health Insurance Program (Nick), s/also, he has coverage for services. Learn more about Nick for services.


Interpreter Services

The College of Dental Medicine utilizes the expertise of several interpreters. Should you require the help of an interpreter, please contact the reception desk.

Schedule a scheduled appointment by calling 412-648-8616