Positive dental hygiene

Positive dental hygiene develops two fundamental beliefs that healthy teeth should serve you for a lifetime which good care does not mean invasive treatment. It comes down to practicing dentistry responsibly: with honesty, integrity along with a dental professional-patient partnership centered on promoting lengthy-term health.

That is what sets us apart. We make use of the latest scientific evidence with clinical experience to build up a personalized, health-based plan for treatment particularly for you personally. By supplying you using the treatment that directly results in lengthy-term health, we can help you maintain or get back a proper mouth for life of smiles.

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Our Core Values

Clinical Advancements

Are evidence-based dentistry and positive dental hygiene exactly the same factor?

Positive care means we concentrate on stopping disease instead of treating it surgically. So we accomplish this by practicing evidence-based dentistry, evaluating your particular conditions scientifically then developing a plan for treatment tailored for you. Our services derive from the most recent research and many years of reliable science, resulting in the safest, best treatment available.

Do you know the options to drilling and can they work?

It’s our promise that you simply won’t undergo any treatment in a roundabout way adding for your lengthy-term oral health. This means that drilling, since it’s so invasive, is really a last measure. You will find — your options do actually work! Remineralization is really a procedure that helps teeth really grow more powerful to ensure that an earlier soft place doesn’t are a cavity. Sealants are an execllent choice to avoid the formation and spread of decay. It’s only in instances where less invasive treatment isn’t effective that the dental professional might wish to drill.

Do you know the a few things i can perform like a patient to proactively improve the healthiness of my mouth?

More essential than any treatment you obtain within our offices, your individual, daily efforts to enhance the teeth, gums, and diet lead to existence-lengthy dental health. Including brushing, flossing, prioritizing good diet, stopping smoking, minimizing soda consumption, determining your risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and usually loving the mouth area.

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Dental Health : How to Become a Dental Hygienist


Linda: Your wrong, it's two years.

Jenna Kay: It would be great if she knew what she was talking about.  DH Programs are typically a two year, associates level degree-program.

shanice west: im so lost, I thought it was 2 years but if you wanted to teach, do research etc. then you get a BA. I even went into a dental clinic and talked to a few hygienist. I spoke to the dentist as well. He said majority of dentist dont care if you have a Bachelors degree as long as you have an associates. soooooo idk what the hell she is talking about. ohhh thats why shes a DENTAL ASSISTANT so she def didnt know what she was talking about. lol

MediaKingWebsite: its only 2 years i thought

Brianna D: this is so wrong its not even funny…

safiya Campbell: 6 years 😂 wait I might as well become a dentist lol

richard dorelus dj khaled is smart: its two year

Sandra Sandoval: This is information is wrong (well maybe where she lives is like that) but for Arizona it's about two years of prerequisites and two years on the program it self.

bob kop: There are two year courses available for dental hygienists in CT (following prerequisites) and after that starting salary of over 70K

D G: Majority of Dental Hygienist only need an associates of science degree. You do not need a bachelors. Most community colleges offer the majors and programs. However, every state is different.