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Laser lipolysis is really a breakthrough in the area of body sculpting, as

it offers impressive results and it is less invasive than traditional

liposuction. From the laser lipolysis techniques available these days, the Awesome

Lipo system provides the unique dual advantage of really tightening your skin

in addition to removing fat.

The Awesome Lipo laser lipolysis product is the safest system avaiable. The

unique lesser wave length is protected for those skin color, unlike greater laser


So how exactly does Awesome Lipo Work?

Fat is liquified utilizing a small tube that is moved backwards and forwards within the skin inside a non-rugged fashion, unlike traditional liposuction. Furthermore

the laser’s dual function tightens your skin following the fat is destroyed. With Awesome Lipo, general anaesthesia is not required. Negative effects are couple of with

minimal, or no, swelling or bruising.

Who is a great candidate for Awesome Lipo?

People with fat which has not taken care of immediately dieting and exercise, have been in

a healthy body, of ordinary bodyweight and realistic expectations, are a fantastic

candidates with this procedure. Awesome Lipo can also be impressive when used

to balance out places that past traditional liposuction was less efficient.

Let’s say I simply need tightening, not lipo?

Awesome Lipo may be the only laser lipo system that provides this dual mode. Awesome Lipo’s tightening mode is ideal for tightening sagging skin, like the jawline.

The number of treatments should i have?

Usually only one Awesome Lipo treatment methods are needed. Treatment sessions last

between forty-five minutes to two hrs with respect to the quantity of tightening or fat

that’s involved. Since Awesome Lipo doesn’t need general anaesthesia, it’s very

safe for further procedures.

So what can I expect following the procedure?

For treatments relating to the jowls and neck, a mind band is usually

essential for 24 hrs. 1-a couple of days downtime without any intense activity is suggested after

your procedure. In case your job is non-strenuous you are able to usually go back to work

the following day. There’s essentially no discomfort after your treatment and minimal

bruising. Patients describe feeling an pain, as though after a powerful workout.

How lengthy could it be before I see results?

As the outcomes of Awesome Lipo are immediate, you’ll experience minimal

swelling. To understand the entire effect and advantage of Awesome Lipo, maximum answers are visible two to three several weeks following the procedure.

How lengthy will the outcomes lasts?

As lengthy while you don’t put on weight, the results of Awesome Lipo are lengthy lasting.

Sometimes those who do put on weight after Awesome Lipo, gain the load in

non-treated areas. Areas tightened with Awesome Lipo will remain tighter longer.

Awesome lipo laser lipolysis & tightening-naperville/plainfield/yorkville illinois ll be fully awake through

Am I Going To experience any discomfort throughout the procedure?

A nearby anaesthesia can be used throughout the procedure. You’ll feel just a little

pinching because the anaesthesia is run towards the area in which the lipo would be to

be practiced. You won’t experience any discomfort throughout the procedure.

You’ll be fully awake through the Awesome Lipo procedure. Should you

like something for anxiety, an anti-anxiety medication could be given. It’s

recommended that somebody drive you back and forth from your appointment.

Will I’ve got a scar or require stitches?

Generally no stitch is essential because the tube is really small , the laser used

coagulates circulation system so no bleeding happens. You might notice a

minimal quantity of drainage following the procedure. The insertion point for that

small tube used usually heals without any scarring.

How safe is that this procedure?

Awesome Lipo is extremely safe! Since Awesome Lipo is conducted without resorting to

general anaesthesia, the potential risks connected with anaesthesia are essentially

eliminated. This process is safer than traditional liposuction, because there

is less bleeding and fewer bruising.

Awesome lipo laser lipolysis & tightening-naperville/plainfield/yorkville illinois You might notice

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