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Iscg :: cosmetic procedures - laser lipolysis Does laser lipolysis

As increasing numbers of men and women wish to feel and look better about themselves, body contouring and lipo-sculpture keep growing in recognition, making liposuction typically the most popular plastic surgery performed today.

Lasers would be the latest inclusions in the current liposuction armamentarium. There’s two distinct technologies presently being used: exterior (cold) lasers and internal lasers. Contrary to public opinion and marketing claims, these technologies, within their current condition, are created to be utilized as tools along with conventional liposuction surgery and aren’t intended for use as stand-alone therapies for targeted fat loss.

Exterior cold laser lipo is dependant on technology developed within the 1960s and marketed by Erchonia as Low-level Laser Therapy (LLLT). We’ve got the technology, that has received Food and drug administration approval for liposuction the actual control over musculoskeletal discomfort, involves irradiation of liposuction target areas for a while of your time soon after the instillation of tumescent local anesthesia and prior to the commencement from the liposuction procedure itself. The immediate aftereffect of the laser would be to produce temporary pores within the cell membranes of adipocytes allowing fat emigrate in to the extracellular space – a procedure that is perceived through the surgeon as softening from the targeted fat and which expedites the rate of fat removal. Secondary benefits include reductions in postoperative discomfort, swelling and edema.

Coded in Europe and South Usa within the 1990s, laser lipolysis was initially performed having a pulsed 1064-nm Nd:YAG laser (SmartLipo, Cynosure LipoLite, Syneron), and subsequently having a continuous wave 980-nm diode laser (Pharaon, Osyris, Hellemmes, France) along with a pulsed 1320-nm Nd:YAG laser (CoolLipo, CoolTouch). The microscopic results of laser lipolysis include adipocyte rupture, coagulation of small bloodstream vessels and reorganization from the reticular skin – effects which might result in reduced bruising within the acute recovery phase and the opportunity to promote skin tightening.


  • So how exactly does the laser lipolysis procedure work?
  • Who is a great candidate for that laser lipolysis procedure?
  • What body regions may be treatable with laser lipolysis?
  • The number of treatments should i have?
  • Must i do anything whatsoever publish-treatment?
  • Does laser lipolysis treat cellulite?
  • When can one anticipate seeing results?
  • Does laser-aided liposuction produce lasting results?
  • Do you know the benefits of Laser lipolysis?

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Q. So how exactly does the laser lipolysis procedure work?

A really small cannula, or tube, roughly 1. mm to two. mm in diameter that contains a laser fiber is placed in to the skin. The cannula is moved backwards and forwards delivering the laser’s energy towards the fat cells, causing these to rupture and simply drain away. The laser energy also interacts using the skin leading to bovine collagen shrinkage.

Because of the cannula’s small size, laser lipolysis is really a non-invasive procedure and could be performed under local anesthesia. The laser causes small bloodstream vessels to coagulate immediately on impact, leading to less bleeding, swelling, and bruising, along with a faster time to recover than conventional liposuction. Because general anesthesia is unnecessary, the process is safe with simply minimal negative effects. [Go back to Top]

Q. Who is a great candidate for that laser lipolysis procedure?

For those who have regions of fat that won’t react to diet physical exercise, then you’re an applicant for CoolLipo. Ideal candidates have been in good health, of ordinary bodyweight and also have realistic expectations for that results. [Go back to Top]

Q. What body regions may be treatable with laser lipolysis?

CoolLipo could be a great adjunct to traditional liposuction procedures which is well suited for treating small regions of the face area, neck, arms, knees, back, bra strap, mons pubis, breasts (gynecomastia), and regions of loose and flabby skin (floppy skin). [Go back to Top]

Q. The number of treatments should i have?

For many patients, typically just one treatment methods are needed. The session may last from forty-five minutes to 1 hour for every area treated. [Go back to Top]

Q. Must i do anything whatsoever publish-treatment?

Following the treatment, you’ll have minimal discomfort or bruising. Types 1-a couple of days rest but many patients can go back to work immediately (Lunch-Hour Lipo). [Go back to Top]

Q. Does laser lipolysis treat cellulite?

The process will enhance the body’s shape and could improve cellulite to particular degree and can tighten sagging skin. [Go back to Top]

Q. When can one expect observe results?

Results is visible immediately with ongoing improvement over several several weeks. [Go back to Top]

Q. Does laser-aided liposuction produce lasting results?

Yes! Adults don’t create new fat cells. Whenever a person gains weight, body fat cells expand. The laser lipolysis procedure permanently removes body fat cells. In the event you put on weight, most fat is going to be deposited in areas the actual procedure wasn’t performed. [Go back to Top]

Q. Do you know the benefits of laser lipolysis?

  1. Minimal Downtime – A couple of in our patients can go back to work immediately, similar to a “lunchtime Liposuction.” We normally advise each day or a couple of rest.
  2. Minimal Discomfort – Throughout the procedure, there’s no discomfort. The actual anesthesia has worn out, it just seems like the pains and aches such as the following a energetic workout. The bruises too tend to be less with laser lipolysis compared to standard liposuction techniques.
  3. Less Traumatic –The fiber-optic cannula is placed via a small puncture within the skin usually along creases that hide the scar. Because the laser melts the fats, additionally, it coagulates the loose ends of small bloodstream vessels. Compression clothes are optional because the area won’t bleed greatly following the laser is taken away. The granulation tissue (healing-tissues) does all of those other operate in contracting the treated area along with the overlying skin.
  4. Almost “Normal” Skin after 3 Several weeks –It might be very difficult to the actual insertion points or tell by searching in the skin that any liposuction has have you been done. Skin contracts using the heeling tissues that switch the melted fats.
  5. Safety – Laser lipolysis is less invasive than traditional liposuction, because there’s less bleeding and anesthetic drugs used. Actually, in performing the process under tumescent technique, we’ve eliminated lots of risks normally connected with general anesthesia. [Go back to Top]

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