Laser lipo

Laser-aided lipolysis works through selective photothermia, which takes place when laser-light energy is absorbed by fat after which changed into heat energy. The laser energy is transmitted towards the adipocytes through the passage of the laser fiber. The adipocytes absorb the power and rupture, yielding permanent volume reduction.

Laser-aided lipolysis is really a photo thermal process secondary towards the absorption of laser energy by water which enhances the temperature from the subcutaneous space minimizing skin. This will cause contraction in most layers because of bovine collagen remodeling.

The laser energy is delivered by thin fibers passed inside the subcutaneous space. The primary chromophore is water, which in turn causes heating from the subcutaneous space and skin. The low skin is heated to temperatures 5-8 levels Centigrade greater than the top of skin. Tissue tightening through coagulation occurs at internal temperatures of 40 – 42 levels Centigrade.


Laser-aided lipolysis is conducted at our facilities under local anesthesia referred to as tumescent anesthesia. Numbing medications are injected using thin needles and also the patient remains fully awake and conversant throughout the procedure, allowing us to complete real-time intra-operative look at the process by looking into making the individual fully stand up or move sideways when needed. Power aided liposuction tools can be used for highly fibrotic or thick areas and laser can be used for remodeling from the bovine collagen and destruction of adeposites(fat cell). If adeposites aren’t destroyed, as happens with traditional liposuction, they’ll fill with molecules again later on to lessen the advantages and results of the liposuction. The lower time is minimal, and something could be to non-laborious operate in 3-4 days after the process is performed.


*This processOrtherapy is just for qualifying/appropriate patients. The outcomes can vary for every person. Require a complementary consultation to examine all of your options and concerns.


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