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Laser Lipo may be the latest in laser lipolysis, providing you a method to achieve inch loss and the body contouring without any discomfort, no needles with no lower time.


How do you use it?

The Laser Lipo emits lower levels of laser energy, which results in a chemical signal within the fat cells, breaking lower the stored triglycerides into free essential fatty acids and glycerol and releasing them though channels within the cell membranes. The essential fatty acids and glycerol will be transported round the body towards the tissues which will rely on them during metabolic process to produce energy. This method of essential fatty acid release is really a natural response from the body once the body requires to used stored energy reserves, thus Laser Lipo isn’t creating any abnormal reaction in your body nor will it affect or damage any surrounding structures for example skin, bloodstream vessels and peripheral nerves. A time period of exercise publish treatment will make sure the entire metabolic process and therefore elimination in the body from the freed essential fatty acids.

Why Laser Lipo?

The Laser Lipo system has numerous advantages over other similar systems. Take a look at a couple of!


Independent studies have proven Laser Lipo to become, in some instances, similar to results achieved by liposuction. Ultrasound imagery turns up to 30% decrease in body fat layer depth after only one treatment.

Additional treatments For example Infrared Body Wraps improve results further. Results is visible soon after each treatment because the fat cell contents are freed. Simple exercises publish treatment can accelerate removing the released fat.

Safe and Painless

Laser Lipo uses lower levels of visible red laser light to produce a safe and painless bio-stimulation effect within the targeted fat tissue. This stimulation is from the normal chemical pathways that the body uses to release energy sources when needed, so Laser Lipo doesn’t produce any abnormal effects in your body or damage body tissue for example cells, bloodstream vessels or neighboring nerves or vital organs. The therapy can be carried out on all skin tones and the body places that undesirable fat is stored and you may go back to normal activity soon after treatment.

Immediate results

Results is visible soon after treatment. Typically a couple-4cm reduction in abdomen circumference is possible with each and every treatment.

A training course of 8 treatments is suggested over 4 days with 2 treatments each week.

Targeted fat loss

Laser Lipo can target fat loss in specific problem area. By positioning the laser pads around the target area for example face, arms, abdomen or thighs fat could be damaged lower and removed particularly from that area. This can be a huge advantage over dieting and exercise which could reduce total body fat although not shape individual areas.

Prices & Package

One Treatment $99/Pkg of three – $249


$499 Limitless Laser Lipo Sessions, Limitless EMS, & Limitless Infrared Body Wraps (great for thirty days)


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