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CoolLipo (laser-aided lypolysis) is really a new, non-invasive technology that liquefies fat for simple removal and condition from the art body sculpting. It’s a laser-based method that splits up and removes fat cells for shaping and contouring of areas for example underneath the face, neck and jowls or areas with loose skin like the arms, in addition to bigger areas like the abdomen and thighs. Additionally, the initial wave length from the CoolLipo laser system directly contracts bovine collagen and tightens the overlying skin internally, an impact not seen with standard liposuction.

The CoolLipo treatment methods are performed in the Laser & Skin Surgery Center. You’re awake over the procedure. The therapy area is numbed using tumescent anesthesia along with a small cannula (wand-like apparatus containing the laser fiber) is placed into an cut with the skin. The doctor maneuvers the cannula/laser fiber inside the treatment area contacting body fat underneath the skin. The laser energy disrupts and liquefies body fat that is concurrently removed through the micro-cannula. Following the procedure, a steri-strip is used towards the small cut(s) and also the treated area is wrapped having a compression bandage. Your personal doctor will give you instructions regarding level of activity and direction regarding when you’re able to to get rid of the compression bandage.

How lengthy will the procedure take?

The size of the process depends upon the region receiving treatment using the average being 1 hour for a person area.

How lengthy does it require the treated place to heal?

The healing time period depends upon each patients procedure and individual healing abilities. The little cut should heal within days and based on your circumstances you might have minimal, or no, bruising.

How lengthy before I notice results?

Patients should see results inside a week publish-procedure as well as watch a continual improvement of skin texture and tightness within the treated area 2-6 several weeks publish procedure.

Can the CoolLipo treatment be practiced on my small stomach, sides or any other bigger body areas?

Presently the CoolLipo treatment is fantastic for small, fatty trouble spots like the neck & face area and arms. It increases the results of conventional liposuction in bigger areas like the abdomen and thighs.

Why must I select CoolLipo over other similar laser-aided lipolysis laser procedures?

CoolLipos unique 1320nm wave length provides proven skin tightening and lifting benefits additionally to fat lipolysis. There’s minimal chance of pigmentary changes while using 1320nm wave length.


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