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Laser Lipolysis is among the latest innovations in body sculpting and may eliminate extra fat pockets with no time to recover generally connected with traditional liposuction. Dr. Kevin Prepare uses ScitonPro Lipo, a minimally-invasive laser-aided fat loss system authorized by the Food and drug administration in the year 2006. This method can enhance the contours of the body and eliminate persistent fat which has proven resistant against the strictest dieting and exercise routines.

If you’re at or near your recommended weight but have a problem with isolated pockets of fat, ScitonPro Lipo can effectively target areas including:

  • Jawline
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Tops .
  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Knees

Additionally, this advanced laser lipolysis system can tighten loose skin in the target site and provide the region a firmer appearance.

Advantages of Laser Lipolysis

Women and men that like ScitonPro Lipo can usually benefit from laser hair removal in lots of ways. Benefits of ScitonPro Lipo include:

  • Removal of isolated pockets of extra fat
  • A tightened, more contoured appearance towards the treatment areas
  • A minimally-invasive liposuction alternative
  • Hardly noticeable scarring
  • Reduced time to recover

With ScitonPro Lipo, Dr. Prepare can custom-tailor your treatment to align together with your unique cosmetic goals. Some women choose ScitonPro Lipo to refresh your body after pregnancy included in a mother makeover procedure. Should you more details about ScitonPro Lipo, please plan a consultation with Dr. Prepare today.

The consultation process gives Dr. Prepare an chance to appear over your health background, execute a comprehensive exam, and see your candidacy for ScitonPro Lipo. These one-on-one conversations offer an chance for Dr. Prepare to softly pay attention to your own personal goals and expectations. If you’re a good candidate for ScitonPro Lipo, Dr. Prepare will design cure plan that may achieve your cosmetic goals.

Laser Lipolysis Procedure

After administering a nearby anesthetic, Dr. Prepare creates a really small cut in the target site while using ScitonPro Lipo ultra-thin laser. A fiber optic laser can prepare and liquefy extra fat cells for simple removal having a device known as a cannula. This body sculpting strategy is considered minimally-invasive and could be gentler on our bodies than traditional liposuction. Additionally, scarring is frequently minimized because the incisions are usually smaller sized.

Recovery And Results

Patients typically experience some slight swelling or bruising from ScitonPro Lipo. Publish-operative discomfort could be controlled with dental discomfort medication. Most sufferers go back to their normal activities within one or two days after their procedure, that is considerably quicker than traditional liposuction recovery.

If you should notice substantial changes rigtht after surgery, your results will probably still improve within the following days. Any remaining liquefied fat is going to be filtered from the body from your natural metabolic process your skin’s elasticity should still enhance level of smoothness from the surface skin. Since fat cells are not able to regenerate, the outcomes of laser lipolysis with ScitonPro Lipo are thought permanent however, your remaining fat cells can continue to store extra fat, growing the significance of leading the kitchen connoisseur to keep results. A nourishing diet and physical exercise might help keep your results of ScitonPro Lipo going for many years!

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