Laser lipolysis liposuction technology by smoothlipo beverly hillsides la ca

Laser lipolysis liposuction technology by smoothlipo beverly hillsides la ca video blog in

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Today I’ll be while using latest in laser lipo technology the SmoothLipo by the organization Eleme.  It has lately been authorized by the Food and drug administration for liposuction.   This can be a laser that utilizes a distinctive mixture of 980nm and continuous wave output to supply the opportunity to rapidly and securely provide the energy needed to heat the targeted fat towards the proper temperature.  The outcomes are consistent and repeatable and it is stated to supply optimal skin tightening.  SmoothLipo target localized fats utilizing a carefully selected 980nm wave length. The 980nm absorption profile enables for faster more homogenous heating of targeted areas creating a more uniform result.    Continuous wave laser energy uniformly enhances the temperature from the treatment place to 45-55 degress C, sufficient to result in irreversible thermal dying towards the fat cells.  This method is effective and efficient and continues well following the aspiration.

I’ll be creating a video blog in my patients to determine this laser liposculpture for action.    Personally i think there might be some benefits of this latest technology but patients have to understand that the outcomes of surgery rely on choices Not really a machine.  Seeing a Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon is the easiest method to ensure that you may have an ideal result.  You’re having to pay for that surgeon’s skill and experience…. not really a machine to provide you with the greatest results.

Andrew Cohen, M.D., FACS


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