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Laser Lipolysis at NidSun is really a new revolutionary system that utilizes low-level lasers for smoothing cellulite, reducing fat, and the body shaping. The therapy uses photobiomodulation to stimulate our body’s natural process for releasing stored content within the adipose cells. Every single day, the body stores excess calories in the diet you’re getting, within the adipose tissue. The mind is in charge of the contents which are released, and then it’s metabolized into energy. A simple comparison would be to what rechargeable battery, the charge being sometimes used and often stored up which with respect to the quantity of usage the unit experienced. In the same manner, the quantity of fat stored depends around the amount and the caliber of the meals that certain has and workout. Laser Lipolysis can be used to trigger the discharge from the contents, without exercise, and has the capacity to concentrate on the precise persistent areas. It’s non-invasive without any discomfort, no needles, with no downtime.

Obtainable in both Delhi & Chandigarh, it’s the very best & least expensive solution for cellulite reduction & inch loss


Independent studies have proven Laser Lipolysis to be, in some instances, similar to results achieved by liposuction. Ultrasound imagery turns up to 30% decrease in body fat layer depth after only one treatment. Additional treatments improve results further. Results is visible soon after each treatment because the fat cell contents are freed. Simple exercises publish treatment can accelerate removing the released fat.


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