Laser lipolysis without suction: reality or myth?

Laser lipolysis without suction: reality or myth? old man who given

Photomedicine and Laser Surgery

Laser Lipolysis Without Suction: Reality or Myth?

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Bingol Ugur Anil and Cinar Can. Photomedicine and Laser Surgery. November 2014, 32(11): 642-645.

Printed in Volume: 32 Issue 11: November 5, 2014

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Ugur Anil Bingol, MD, and Can Cinar, MD
Department of Plastic, Rebuilding, and Aesthetic Surgery, Yeditepe College, Yeditepe School Of Medicine, Istanbul, Poultry.
Address correspondence to:
Ugur Anil Bingol
Department of Plastic,Rebuilding and Aesthetic Surgery
Yeditepe School Of Medicine

Yeditepe College,

devlet yolu ankara cad no102-104
34752 Kozyatağı Istanbul



Background objective: Liposuction is among the most often performed aesthetic surgical treatments. Laser- and ultrasound-based systems have grown to be especially popular recently, including laser lipolysis, that has a number of benefits over classic liposuction. Some researchers contend the aspiration step is not required. Herein, we report a situation that highlights the negative effects once the fundamental surgical rule of not departing any necrotic tissue isn't adopted. Materials and techniques: We report the situation of the 50-year-old man who given a 15 cm mass within the right lower quadrant, located immediately subcutaneously, passing the midline infraumbilically, tender to the touch, with beginnings of abscess formation, who went through laser lipolysis. The subcutaneous necrotic fat was removed having a skin island en bloc. No postoperative complications happened and also the patient was problem free 6 several weeks publish-surgery. Results: Within the surgical literature, most studies on fat necrosis have centered on fat necrosis within the breast. Fat necrosis is generally a gradual procedure that is observed through the patient or physician like a mass. Radiologically, it may imitate cancer, particularly in breast growth. Complications from fat necrosis are mainly from the quantity of necrosis. Anywhere of necrosis over the body's resorption capacity may lead your body into attempting self-limitation, with effects to both physical and mental health from the patient. Conclusions: We feel that claiming that no aspiration is needed after laser lipolysis, with no necessary studies, doesn't have scientific basis.

Laser lipolysis without suction: reality or myth? Surgery     

    Laser Lipolysis

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