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Milwaukee liposuction - laser lipolysis - body sculpting laser lipo against dieting and exercise

What’s Laser Lipolysis?

Laser Lipolysis is really a non-invasive method to reduce fat, while promoting skin tightening in treated areas. We currently offer Laser Lipolysis featuring the most recent technology, the ProLipo PLUS™ from Sciton. This advanced, laser aided liposuction procedure is made for patients who would like finessed body sculpting in places that it is not easy to get rid of fat, like the tops ., saddle bags, abdomen, thighs, arms, face and sides. The ProLipo PLUS™ features fine instruments that provide more in depth body sculpting. Fraxel treatments is especially good to treat extra fat within the face and neck region.

So how exactly does laser Lipolysis work?

A small cut is created within the skin, along with a laser is introduced via a small tube known as a cannula. The laser delivers energy to targeted fat cells. Simultaneously body fat is melting off, heat from laser promotes skin tightening in surrounding areas. Unlike traditional liposuction, with Laser Lipolysis, there’s no requirement for general anesthesia, and bruising, swelling and downtime are minimized.

What areas may be treatable with laser Lipolysis?

Laser Lipolysis is fantastic for small pockets of fat which are resistant against dieting and exercise, and for areas which are hard to treat with traditional liposuction. Common treatment areas range from the thighs, upper abdomen, belly, arms, face, sides and much more.

Can laser Lipolysis be carried out in in conjunction with other procedures?

Yes! Laser Lipolysis not just melts fat, facilitating its extraction, but additionally tightens your skin. This can help in supplying the individual having a slim, tighter and smoother profile. Laser Lipolysis can be achieved alone, or in conjunction with WaterLipo® and UpLift™ for additional targeted results [*].

Milwaukee liposuction - laser lipolysis - body sculpting laser lipo arms, face, sides and much

Let’s say I don’t want to be totally awake within my procedure?

We NEVER use general anesthesia for lipo because we’re feeling it’s just unsafe. However, we all do provide the choice to perform the procedure under “Twilight” that is basically a rather more powerful type of sedation when compared to a relaxing pills we offer for you personally. This kind of sedation is extremely safe and adds minimal risk, when compared with general anesthesia. Please tell us if this sounds like something which you want to go over.

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* results can vary – (disclaimer)

Milwaukee liposuction - laser lipolysis - body sculpting laser lipo we offer

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