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Focus on Reno Tahoe Area Patients!

We’re proud to announce thge arrival of Reno’s first SMARTLIPO laser in the region!

On November 13th 2006 the Food and drug administration has approved the SmartLipo Laser Lipo liposuction procedure!

What’s SmartLipo and just how Do You Use It?

LASER LIPOLYSIS,or Laser-aided liposculpture, is really a new-generation procedure which helps to deal with cellulite and the body adiposities with the laser’s capability to dissolve and liquefy redundant excess fat with heat. Laser-aided liposculpture deals effectively with trouble spots of high ” floating ” fibrous content, or delicate because of their very thin fat layer, that are tough to treat by conventional methods. Additionally, it achieves an epidermis retraction we’d not achieve through other procedures.

Smartlipo is really a new method of liposuction surgery. Rather of forcefully sucking body fat cells out, body fat is really liquifies and vaporized fat having a laser. The laser fiber is just 300-600 microns which is undergone single mm cannula. Due to the small size, the cut designed for the process is so small that no stitches are needed. The cut is really exactly the same size like a needle to attract bloodstream.

Just How Much does SmartLipo cost?

The price of SmartLipo is equivalent to normal liposuction, and depends upon the amount of areas involved. Typically, it starts at approximately $2,500 to $4,000 for just one area. Additional areas have to do with $1,500-2,000.

Where is the method performed?

Laser aided-liposculpture (Laserlipolysis) is generally performed inside a procedure room in the office or in the hospital, under local or regional anesthesia.

How lengthy will the procedure take?

Time needed can vary in one operation to a different, with respect to the quantity of fat to extract.

Typically, it takes approximately 45 – an hour per area. To control your emotions around the outpatient basis.

Do you know the benefits of Smartlipo?

With laser lipolysis, the cannula is a lot smaller sized, so it’s significantly less traumatic. Additionally, since the bloodstream vessels are cauterized simultaneously the quantity of bruising and swelling is considerably decreased. People can return to work sooner. With less downtime and fewer discomfort, it may be performed on smaller sized areas as outpatient without traditional anesthesia (awake). This will make it ultimate “lunchtime procedure”.

Resourse: http://sierraplasticsurgery.internet/procedures/body-contouring/smartlipo-laser-lipolysis/

Atlanta Smartlipo: Laser Liposuction Demo by Dr. Jay Kulkin of WIFH


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Alleymea: Can this procedure leave you with a bumpy look and not a smooth finish. Due to tissue damage.

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