Canadian immigration medical – zens medical center

Canadian immigration medical – zens medical center or copy of medical

Please find underneath the Medical examination guide for Canadian Visa Applicant:


Needed Documents

a) Valid Passport

Otherwise available, the next identification documents might be presented:

1.National ID (Voter’s ID, License, FNPF Card) with        birth record

2.Certified copy of Passport

For kidsOr students who don’t possess the identity documents in the above list, the next might be presented


The associated parent/protector/close relative MUST present on from the identity documents in the above list.

3) Birth record

4) School/College/College ID

b) Photocopy of Passport

c) Medical instruction from Embassy if available

d) No matter current marital status. Applicants who’ve had previous marriages which were nullified through annulment are needed to provide the annulment papers (court’s decision) prior to the medical report could be completed.

Wherever relevant, please bring the next:

* Old Chest X-ray films not under 3 several weeks before the Medical Examination

* Detailed Medical certificate regarding a formerly treated or presently managed clinically significant illness that ought to retain the following information:

.duration and date of treatment

.surgical treatment or medical intervention done

.complete final diagnosis

.results of treatment or treatment plans and prognosis,  if available.

*Vaccination Record

Must retain the following details:

.personal copy (e.g. baby book) or copy of medical chart indicating received vaccines

.complete date of receipt of vaccination

.must include signature(license number, if relevant) of physician or health worker who administered vaccine


– 4 yrs old Physical examination
5 to 10 yrs old Physical examination, Urinalysis
11 – 14 yrs old Physical examination, Urinalysis, Chest X-ray (CXR)
15 y/o and above  Physical examination, Urinalysis, Chest X-ray, Aids, Syphilis


Canadian immigration medical – zens medical center necessary throughout Physical examination

Examination Fees                      
–      10 y/o $175
11-14 y/o $245
15 y/o or more $295
15 y/o or more without CXR $225
Chest X-ray only $105

Discretionary tests considered necessary throughout Physical examination or came back exams are billed accordingly.

Zen’s Medical Center doesn’t accept cheque or charge card payments.  Charges should be compensated in Fiji dollars.  Other examination, (Came back or Remembered) when needed, is going to be billed accordingly.



  1. Applicants are encouraged to get their normal meals and take fluids (water, tea) just before arriving for that medical examination since meals are not permitted inside the premises and all sorts of initial bloodstream and urine tests don’t require a fasting status.
  2. Females inside the reproductive age bracket are advised to not schedule their medical examination throughout their the monthly period period. Otherwise, they’ll be needed to return 1 week following the last day’s their the monthly period.

Note: medical results and documents are completed based on the Physical examination, Chest X-ray and Laboratory results, which is conducted and processed in compliance using the guidelines set through the CanadianGovernment – Department of Immigration and Citizenship.  All e-medical reports and X-ray (DICOM image) are digitally posted online.



Medical exam for immigration or visa to Canada: what to expect. LP Group