You might not have come across us in Canada…


But right over the border in Montana is excellent Falls Clinic Hospital – where one can receive expert, comprehensive care. We’re experts with decades of expertise, moored by an unwavering feeling of empathy. Here to enhance the caliber of existence of who walk-through our doorways, we provide the entire selection of care, including Total Joint Substitute. Many offer healthcare, but couple of really reveal that they are concerned – and that’s what sets us apart.

Consider Great Falls Clinic Hospital

Have you got chronic discomfort, discomfort, or joint disease inside your knee, hip, or shoulder? Are you currently relayed through your personal doctor that you need surgery? Are you currently frustrated with the amount of time it will require to get involved with your doctor? If that’s the case, think about the Great Falls Clinic Hospital being an choice for your healthcare.

Why Wait – Top Quality Healthcare at Great Falls Clinic Hospital – Fast & Affordable

Great Falls Clinic Hospital has partnered using the Great Falls Clinic, LLP and Great Falls Inn to build up all-inclusive packages for money-pay patients. Great Falls Clinic Hospital offers exceptional, timely, and cost-effective care.

Why pick the Great Falls Clinic Hospital?

The Truly Amazing Falls Clinic Hospital is really a contemporary, well-maintained facility. A Healthcare Facility has 19 private, condition-of-the-art one-bed room suites having a private bath, tranquil spaces, and modern healing patient environments. We be proud of the smart layout and convenience, which ensures assistance is only ever ten ft away. Patients and families feel welcome on view areas within each patient room. A Healthcare Facility keeps a low nurse-to-patient ratio and concentrates on the overarching patient care experience, encompassing clinical responsibilities in addition to assuring the patient and household is comfortable and also at ease throughout their stay. There’s also an urgent situation department at Great Falls Clinic Hospital and the hospital’s clinical staff provide personal, patient-centered choose to the surgical and general admission patients seeking care using the hospital. This personalized, top quality care and spirit of hospitality are what lead most considerably towards the Hospital’s exceptional status in Great Falls.

Quality care and patient safety come first at Great Falls Clinic Hospital. Great Falls Clinic Hospital is a member of local physicians from the Great Falls Clinic. Physicians from the Great Falls Clinic possess a personal curiosity about your day-to-day operations from the Hospital, and focus on supplying exceptional quality and patient-centered healthcare through working together and physician leadership. The Truly Amazing Falls Clinic Hospital are available for the individual so we respect your to choose in which you receive your healthcare services!

The Truly Amazing Falls Clinic Hospital Package – What’s Incorporated

Great Falls Clinic Hospital has partnered with Great Falls Inn and local surgeons to build up an exciting inclusive package cost for the surgical or surgical procedure. Basically we know you’d choose to receive your care nearer to home, the truly amazing Falls Clinic Hospital and also the Great Falls Riverside Inn are dedicated to making certain you are feeling at home within Great Falls! Call us at 1-800-421-1649 for details.


As the price of each procedure varies, please call us at 1-800-421-1649 for an estimate. Prepayment is needed before the consult visit and before surgery.


Quoted cost is really a base cost for that requested procedure, including the ability fee, physician’s professional fee, and anesthesiology fee, and hotel. The quoted cost doesn’t include the price of procedures or supplies that arise from complications. Patients is going to be needed to endure a preoperative medical clearance and/or consultation before the requested procedure. Patients must supply the facility with medical records along with other needed documentation before the date and services information. Facility has the authority to revoke quote and refuse service unconditionally, including although not restricted to: a) patient has misrepresented their own health history, status, and/or harshness of condition b) patient does not provide needed documentation and c) patient does not obtain preoperative medical clearance.

Niche Healthcare in Great Falls

  • Cardiology
  • Gastroenterology
  • General Surgery
  • Imaging and Laboratory Diagnostics
  • Memory foam Surgery, including Total Joint Substitute
  • Cosmetic Surgery

From Country Care

It is crucial that you simply involve your loved ones physician in Canada relating to your decision, since you may require followup care when you go back to Canada . Your personal doctor in Great Falls might need to provide followup care instructions for your family physician. If you want from country healthcare, you need to consult with Alberta Overall health before the first trip to Great Falls.

So How Exactly Does Alberta Overall health Easily Fit In?

Have you got a question or perhaps a specialized requirement for healthcare that is not available in your town? Is really, it might be to your advantage to make contact with Alberta’s Out-of-Country Health Services Committee through Alberta Overall health. Alberta Overall health may lead to health services you obtain in Montana!

Alberta Health

Attention: Alberta Medical Care Insurance Plan

P.O. Box 1360, Station Primary

Edmonton, AB T5J 2N3

780-427-1432 (Edmonton)

Toll-free in Alberta, dial 310-0000 then 780-427-1432.

To learn more, visit or click here.


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