Tips to get a medical cannabis prescription in canada cannabis at the office

Tips to get a medical cannabis prescription in canada  cannabis at the office re supporting our patients

I lately sitting lower with Steve Fader, Who owns Natural Health Services, to go over the present process to get a clinical cannabis prescription in Canada.

Steve began Natural Health Services in 2015 after personally experiencing the advantages of medical cannabis.

“I wasn’t a cannabis user until 2014. I had been experiencing lots of anxiety and putting on weight because of the stress of managing a construction contracting business and wanted an all natural option to traditional prescription drugs” states Steve. After exiting his construction business he along with a partner began Natural Health Services.

Steve describes Natural Health Services like a “full service medical cannabinoid clinic.” They qualify patients for medical cannabis prescriptions and supply education and sources. They began in Calgary, AB and also have intends to expand across western Canada.

There are a variety of medicinal marijuana clinics in Canada, which qualify patients and write prescriptions. Steve informs me that Natural Health Services is among the only clinics in Canada that doesn’t charge the individual a charge to be able to access a health care provider and obtain a prescription.

This really is important to note and patients ought to be very hesitant of clinics that charge for use of this particular service. I’ve heard first-hands horror tales of patients being billed $400 rather than talking with the clinic again despite following up multiple occasions.

I requested Steve to supply an introduction to the procedure to get a clinical cannabis prescription.

Alison: How’s a qualifying clinic totally different from a normal medical clinic?

Steve: Someone should have a confirmed medical problem just before visiting Natural Health Services so we require documentation to aid this. There’s two ways we are able to read the existing condition. First, the individual can authorize a referral for their physician or specialist therefore we can get access to the patient’s medical records. The 2nd choice is the individual can give to us a duplicate of documentation they’ve within their possession confirming the problem.

Alison: Are you able to describe the procedure to get the prescription?

Steve: After we possess the documentation confirming the medical problem, the individual have a consultation and among our physicians. With the consultation, the doctor will determine if medical cannabis is definitely an appropriate treatment option. Consultations could be in-person or by video conference.

When the patient’s condition qualifies then your physician will write the prescription, that is sent straight to an authorized Producer (LP) by Natural Health Services. The individual can also get to complete a LP registration form that’ll be sent combined with the prescription.

A prescription isn’t legal underneath the rules unless of course the initial copy is distributed straight to the LP. The prescription can’t get towards the patient, who’d then go towards the LP, as it might be invalid.

When the prescription is received and verified through the LP, they contact the individual directly and instruct them regarding how to register on the internet and purchase products.

At Natural Health Services we educate our patients on a number of topics including how you can communicate with the LP, consumption options and techniques, using a vaporizer, how you can correctly dose, what strains of cannabis to think about for the condition, etc.

Alison: Just how much cannabis could be prescribed as well as for how lengthy?

Steve: The precise quantity of cannabis that’s prescribed relies upon the problem and also the consumption method.

The amount of time the prescription applies relies upon the clinic and physician. Some clinics will write a 12-month prescription out on another sign in using their patients. We don’t think this really is responsible. At Natural Health Services there exists a policy of quarterly follow-ups so that we’re supporting our patients. Also, this will make us compliant using the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta who mandate quarterly follow-ups for Schedule 1 narcotics.

Alison: What’s the greatest challenge for somebody attempting to access medical cannabis the very first time?

Steve: Use of information – education on which conditions qualify, using cannabis, that it is even available. Locating a service like Natural Health Services that may facilitate the procedure.

Being able to access medical cannabis is definitely an overwhelming process but you will find sources that will help you. Steve pointed out that Leafly is yet another great source of info on strains and dispensaries.

If you want info on medical cannabis or are attempting to obtain a prescription, I would suggest contacting Natural Health Services. My mother and that i enjoyed dealing with them. You may create a free account online to obtain the process began or achieve Steve at and discover them online at

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