A History from the Traverse Health Clinic

A History from the Traverse Health Clinic it expanded over decades as

A History from the Traverse Health Clinic

Over greater than 4 decades, Traverse Health has changed from your episodic free community clinic into among the most powerful healthcare homes in the area.

In 1975, the business began whenever a select few of generous physicians started volunteering their professional services to individuals who couldn’t manage to pay. Initially referred to as “Community Health Clinic,” it expanded over decades as numerous more practitioners grew to become involved, all equally enthusiastic about community health.

As interest in services increased, the clinic progressed into even more than a stroll-in acute care clinic. In 2005, it merged using the Grand Traverse Regional Healthcare Coalition to supply a referral network including roughly 400 physicians, healthcare professionals, physician assistants, podiatrists, optometrists, hospitals, clinics, and organizations. The business then grew to become referred to as Traverse Health Clinic and Coalition and also the flagship program was known as the Coalition Health Access Program (CHAP). Because of an ample and growing support from the mission locally, the clinic ongoing to grow programs and staff after a couple of years simplified its name to Traverse Health Clinic.

A History from the Traverse Health Clinic clinic ongoing to

Because the healthcare landscape evolves, we evolve by using it, always keeping track of the long run. Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides Americans more use of care than in the past, CHAP is not needed. Once we move ahead, we still concentrate on supplying top quality choose to the location while still remaining focused on the many individuals who fall with the healthcare cracks and therefore are detrimentally uninsured or underinsured.

Accepting Healthy Michigan Plan, Medicare, State medicaid programs, and private insurance, and also gives a sliding scale for that uninsured, we remain in keeping with our roots like a strong community safety internet and won’t ever turn anybody away due to lack of ability to pay for.

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A History from the Traverse Health Clinic to become

Traverse Health Clinic expanding, raising money for new facility