Grand traverse feet & ankle center, p.c.

Grand traverse feet & ankle center, p.c. more efficient strategies to

Welcome! Since 1992, Grand Traverse Feet & Ankle Center, P.C. has worked with patients from across Northern Michigan to supply the very best in podiatric care. Dr. Ronald Olm’s experience of podiatry is along with his genuine concern for his patients, as well as their total health. Our entire employees are focused on making every appointment an appropriate one with prompt focus on everything of the entire visit. Our goal is that will help you maintain healthy ft.

Why visit a feet and ankle specialist?

If your patient has heart trouble, they visit a Cardiologist arthritis… a Rheumatologist. If you possess a feet or ankle ailments or possibly back discomfort connected with walking or running… why trust anybody apart from a Podiatrist?

And among the primary good reasons to visit Grand Traverse Feet & Ankle Center: Experience

Grand traverse feet & ankle center, p.c. best in

We stick to the leading edge of advancements in the area of podiatric medicine and surgery. Grand Traverse Feet & Ankle Center is continually seeking new, but proven, more efficient strategies to improve the caliber of services provided. Make certain carefully with family practice physicians, internists, rheumatologists, pediatricians, orthopedists, vascular surgeons and physiotherapists to supply our patients with the perfect care. We’re feeling that the multidisciplinary approach is important to offer the preferred outcome.

This site gives you an introduction to our practice and the concept of podiatry. While you navigate the website, you’ll learn more about Grand Traverse Feet & Ankle Center’s practice philosophy, Dr. Olm, our two locations, insurance plans, appointment scheduling procedures, in addition to details about feet problems and coverings. Please see the site anytime you like and you can call us with any queries. We feel informed people are better ready to make correct decisions regarding their health insurance and wellness. We’re sure that might be our office provides the ease of access, comfort, experience and private commitment that you’re searching for inside a physician.


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