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  • Work Hours: Work hours come from 8:00 to five:00 Monday-Thursday
  • Testing Hrs: Appointments for testing are scheduled between 7:00 am and 4:30 pm
  • New Patients: Pre-registration forms ought to be completed just before your arrival and all sorts of patient forms are available around the New Patient Packet button above.

College neurology do file most insurance coverage

  • Testing Patients: Testing forms ought to be completed just before your arrival and could be located on the Neurology Test Packet button above.
  • Other Patient Forms: We must have 2 days for processing other forms. You’ll be needed to sign a clinical records release. There’s a $20.00 charge on all forms and it is payable in advance. Should you prefer a work excuse or release, please discuss this using the provider.
  • Medical Records: Knoxville Neurology Clinic will forward medical records for your referring physician and when this office enables you to a scheduled appointment with any physician we’ll forward your medical records to that particular office.
  • Appointment Time: Every effort is built to help you as near for your scheduled appointment time as you possibly can. To be able to allow us to meet this standard, we ask that you simply get to least half an hour sooner than your appointment time. This allows us time for you to register your data into our computer.
  • Updated Information: Since it is essential that people always keep accurate details about you, we confirm specific information for example birth date, telephone, address and insurance information each and every visit. Basically we know many patients think about this excessive, we discover it crucial to achieve the correct phone number to be able to contact you relating to your health status.
  • Insurance/Identification: Don’t forget to create your insurance card(s) and a kind of identification (like a driver’s license) along with you. For your benefit, we all do file most insurance coverage, but it’s very important we have the right information.
  • Cancellation Notice: Knoxville Neurology Clinic needs a round-the-clock notice of cancellation of appointment. Failure to cancel on time could jeopardize future appointments.
  • Prescription Refills: Prescription refills might be requested on the phone and also at follow-up visits. Prescriptions for medications which are a new comer to the individual are written during visits to the doctor only and won’t be advised on the phone. Please be ready to ask the company for refills as needed. Should you require a 90-day prescription, please request this along with a prescription to consider for your local pharmacy so as to offer you enough medication until your shipment arrives.
  • Testing/Results: The company may order testing for you personally on your visit. Most test results will be delivered to you by mail with instructions. It doesn’t matter what you’re told in the testing facility, this office requires two to three days for processing. In case your test is abnormal you’ll be contacted with a nurse with proper instructions for care.

For those who have any queries regarding your visit, don’t hesitate to call work.

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