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For several years we’ve made ‘before and after’ images open to prospective plastic surgery patients solely by way of email contact following queries for this website, and through in-office surgical consultation. Many satisfied patients have pointed out that they found this insurance policy to be really appealing once they were while gathering information deciding on a surgeon. The intent of the policy has mainly visited do our best to safeguard the confidentiality in our plastic surgery patients, an obligation which we take seriously.

Furthermore, we’ve had some misgivings concerning the quick access of these photographs, most of which have a really private nature, to anybody having a PC and a web connection – whether they are really while thinking about a cosmetic surgery procedure. We’ve also already been through it of finding the unauthorized utilization of our photographs on other websites, and that’s why we’re restricting the amount of ‘before and after’ photographs offered at anyone here we are at each surgical treatment. We are rotating the photos which are displayed regularly, and much more images is going to be readily available for prospective patients who’re seen at work in consultation.

There’s no denying the truth that ‘before and after’ images would be the most effective and efficient method for a surgeon to speak their aesthetic sensibility. They provide the mark patient an instantaneous feeling of what that surgeon envisions like a favorable postoperative result, and therefore allow a person to create a relatively quick decision whether or otherwise that surgical practice is a they should investigate further. Additionally, it is becoming challenging for all of us to handle the amount of email queries that people receive for details about surgery and example photographs. Now that the majority prospective patients expect simple enough use of ‘before and after’ images, we’ve felt a duty to include this selection to

Prospective patients have a number of issues to think about when looking for pre-op and postop pictures of plastic surgery patients. An blunt cosmetic surgeon who is renowned for some keen observations is frequently quoted as stating that “A photograph is just reflected light”. Another telling maxim regarding plastic surgery photography is “Almost anything can be created to look great from a minumum of one position.” These two observations speak that while such photographs should ideally communicate the real nature of the surgical outcome, you will find natural limitations towards the two-dimensional nature of photography.

Search for Consistency

Because of this, like a consumer you need to insist upon consistency in preoperative/postoperative photography. The career from the subject and also the size or ‘aspect ratio’ within the photographs should stay consistent. If a person photograph seems to become obtained from five ft away and yet another from eight ft away, there’s not a way to meaningfully interpret the ‘transformation’. The sunlight and color saturation in any images also needs to ideally be identical, or at best comparable. When the pre-op image is within shadow and also the postop image is well-illuminated, there’s not a way to find out what amount of the postoperative ‘improvement’ was supplied by surgical technique and just how expensive is just better lighting. A vibrant flash can hide lots of flaws.

It’s also wise to insist upon seeing images from multiple angles, because this is the only method to acquire some concept of the caliber of a surgical lead to 3d when reviewing two-dimensional photographs, and also to make sure it’s not just in one direction the result looks acceptable. The photography set-up and photo taking background ought to be consistent. Images drawn in the pre-op area before a bare wall by having an uncovered electrical socket and also the patient’s gown opened up but hanging lower in to the image shouldn’t inspire much confidence. Body position and facial position ought to be consistent. I’ve come across breast lift (mastopexy) pre and post photographs where the patient’s arms were at her sides within the ‘before’ images, and so the arms were lifted over the mind within the ‘after’ images. Raising the arms overhead produces an immediate ‘breast lift’, so it’s impossible to fairly measure the aftereffect of surgery in photographs where body position is sporadic.

Likewise, when the pre-op picture of a facial rejuvenation surgery patient shows a sleepy-searching part of a medical facility gown at 6:30 a.m. around the morning of surgery, and also the postop image implies that part of full make-up at 2:00 p.m. at the time of the follow-up appointment several several weeks later, you’ve no chance of precisely figuring out what within the ‘after’ photo is a result of surgery and what’s as a result of good night’s rest and a few make-up. You might not remember that all board-certified cosmetic surgeons receive learning photography because they are trained as surgeons, so they have a way to precisely document and communicate their surgical planning and also the outcomes of their work. Personally, i think that a surgeons’s photo taking technique and documentation provides an individual who is thinking about surgery a really obvious statement of methods organized, meticulous, compulsive and mindful to detail that surgeon is. Basically were a potential patient I wouldn’t expect any one of individuals characteristics within the operating room if I didn’t discover their whereabouts within the ‘before and after’ photographs. I have faith that consistency and quality in photography represents consistency and quality in one’s method of patient care.

All ‘before and after’ images out of this practice which are provided online, via e-mail and through consultation at work are photographs of cosmetic cosmetic surgery patients treated by Dr. Law who’ve agreed to using the pictures. Simply no photo re-touching or digital enhancement can be used to ‘improve’ the pictures in order to alter by any means the look of the surgical result.

Other Factors

When looking for photographs, also bear in mind the truth that many examples the thing is of the particular procedure might not seem like you. A part of why is the concept of cosmetic surgery so intriguing and rewarding for me personally is always that no two people are exactly alike, and therefore each patient needs a fresh and personalized approach. Instead of attempting to dissect the way a particular result relates to you, notice when it comes to that patient’s particular ‘starting point’, and set up surgical enhancement is great looking and natural-appearing.

Don’t limit your analysis for an study of photographs. Evaluate the content of the cosmetic surgeon’s website completely, and obtain a sense for your doctor’s individual approach and exercise philosophy. Get an understanding of if the website is trying to provide helpful information or perhaps is just selling you something. Determine whether the priority is communicating the surgeon’s aesthetic sensibility, or most dependable approved for simple financing.

Also, another essential resource in regards to a surgeon along with a surgery practice may come from people who have experience as patient of this practice. At Michael Law MD, PA / Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery we’ve many plastic surgery patients who are prepared to talk to prospective patients regarding their surgical experience as well as their results. If you’re favorably impressed whenever you satisfy the physician in consultation, ask to speak with somebody who has gone through an identical procedure, and if possible somebody who has an identical ‘starting point’ or similar preoperative concerns.

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