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Just as essential as medical expertise is persistence as well as an artist’s eye for detail. This really is apparent within the honest, compassionate, unhurried care Dr. Nayak invests in every patient, and also the beautiful results he achieves. Patients love his innovative fat transfer technique of its subtle, natural restoration from the soft contours of youth, and the small facelift because of its dramatic results and fast recovery.

“Dr. Mike’s” patients love his warm, friendly manner – they think a lot more like his buddies than his patients. He makes themself personally available by telephone to his patients because they recover. They feel better about their decisions, plus they trust Dr. Nayak for exceptional care. Therefore if you’re searching for superb talents from the surgeon so what in regards to you as a person, turn to Mike Nayak, MD.


  • Dear Dr. Nayak & Staff – Wanted to state Thanks!My locks are still growing! I got began around the Clarisonic factor in my face which is super! So everyone are wonderful still want my double face done, And So I am doing a bit of money hopes for your – Many thanks.

  • I needed to appreciate the AWESOME visit! Your meticulous technique and gracious generosity are really appreciated.

  • I merely desired to give back this brief note to convey my sincere appreciation of the exceptional skill in facial plastic surgery. Your professionalism is above standards as well as your method of making all procedures as comfortable, relaxed, and painless as you possibly can usually have permitted me to depart your workplace understanding that you honestly worry about the patients. I’ll expect to ongoing to construct future relationships with both you and your office staff like me fortunate to take growing through aging gracefully.

  • Many thanks for that positive experience with undergoing plastic surgery at the office. The outcomes are perfect and also the journey was enjoyable. In the receptionist to Dr. Nayak, all staff was respectful coupled with a really customer friendly orientation.

  • Kudos to everyone for the warm, friendly service and skill to show back the time. Dr. Nayak, You earn a great existence better still together with your incredible skill. I’m thrilled using the way my face looks and can sing your praises to anybody who’ll listen. Thanks a lot.

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