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Another unique sign of Dr. Boswell is his curiosity about research as it pertains to improving surgical results. He conducts research in your area so that as a part of national studies, including numerous studies of the new injectable tissue filler for that face in massive weight reduction patients, something new to combat keloid formation, research of injection lipolysis to lessen belly fat, and also the silicone gel breast implant trial that brought for their approval. We've the only cosmetic surgeon in the region certified as part of the Botox treatment Cosmetic National Education Faculty.

Dr. Boswell frequently presents recent research at major national plastic surgery society conferences. 2 or 3 occasions annually, he teaches "Master Classes" in body contouring after massive weight reduction to coach other cosmetic surgeons also, he works as a faculty member for courses on breast augmentation and the body contouring at national conferences. Dr. Boswell publishes regularly within the leading aesthetic surgery journals and it has two times received the American Society for Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery Award for Excellence for "Best Journal Article," in 2004 and 2006.

Dr. Boswell’s technical experience and training gives our patients more choices for experienceing this result they need. He mainly operates at Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital.

Although Dr. Boswell has specialized experience and talent, our guiding philosophy is for the whole team to operate together as true partners to figure out what is the best for each patient.

Our method of personalized care is yet another feature from the BodyAesthetic philosophy. We know that altering something regarding your appearance is definitely an intensely personal decision that requires a true partnership between you as well as your surgeon. Thus, we respect our patients as partners along the way. An initial consultation may last one or two hrs because Dr. Boswell takes time to hear exactly what a patient wishes to achieve after which completely discuss surgical and non-surgical options.

Getting any type of elective surgery is a vital choice, so we want our patients to become knowledgeable about what to anticipate. We appreciate that patients might need to consider their options without feeling pressured to consider. Consequently, another or perhaps third consultation isn't unusual. And, if a person demands a process that isn't right for your kids, we'll explain why and provide alternatives. Our patients understand why honest method of consultation.

At BodyAesthetic Cosmetic Surgery & Skincare Center, we percieve ourselves as a group focused on supplying the very best and many appropriate care possible. This is exactly why we talk to each other frequently during the day to create a personalized treatment for each patient according to our collective experience along with a patient's specific needs. We are proud of our objective of making you confident with us and promise you'll always receive our respect, professional service, and genuine concern for the interests.

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