Teenage women are getting cosmetic surgery on their own vaginas, affected by online pornography and social networking — quarta movement

Teenage women are getting cosmetic surgery on their own vaginas, affected by online pornography and social networking — quarta movement discomfort during sport

Figures in the United kingdom reveal that in 2014-15, 219 women under age 18 had labiaplasty conducted through the Nhs (NHS). That figure continues to be relatively steady in the last decade a minimum of, and a few of individuals surgeries connect with injuries, recurrent disease, or infection, based on the NHS. Figures aren’t readily available for private clinics within the United kingdom, which are more inclined to conduct plastic surgery.

Labiaplasty could be conducted for medical reasons, for instance if your lady’s anatomy causes serious discomfort during sport or sex. It’s also included in the rebuilding process for victims of female genital mutilation. The issue, critics say, is that if youthful women are now being driven to find surgical changes due to negative perceptions of the natural anatomy—which might be being formed through the ubiquity of hairless, “neat” vulvas in pornography and popular culture.

Plastic surgeons seem to be feeding the stereotype. In the Toronto Cosmetic Clinic in Canada, for example, a process known as “The Barbie dolls Labiaplasty” (named following a toy which has doesn’t have genitalia) involves almost completely taking out the inner lips from the vulva, and perhaps lowering the outer lips too. The end result, since it’s website describes it, is really a “smooth look” that’s “tight and petite” having a “streamlined appearance.” The clinic’s director told CBC News that interest in the process has “spiked” since it was initially offered in 2005.

Teenage women are getting cosmetic surgery on their own vaginas, affected by online pornography and social networking — quarta movement 219 women

The uptick in adolescents seeking labiaplasty and breast surgery brought the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to issue updated guidelines for doctors this season. “This age bracket might be under particular stress regarding these problems due to societal conceptions from the ideal female body and parental concerns for body perfection,” the ACOG stated. It recommended doctors council patients carefully, reassure them when things are normal, and screen for body dysmorphic disorder, a panic or anxiety disorder that triggers people to possess a distorted look at how themselves seems.

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The lady stripped bare | Tracey Spicer | TEDxSouthBankWomen


Charlie Red: It is important to understand that these beauty requirements are entirely the product of women. This is not from the patriarchy, that's crap. Men don't care, women only care, because it is their way to attract the top pick of males.\n\nI find women who are clean, and dressed, beautiful. I don't care for high heels, fancy dresses and make up.\n\nI get irritated enough with that Linda Cohn on Sports Center. Why does she get to wear a cocktail dress when all the men are in suits? She doesn't need the dress or makeup, she needs the content and a nice suit.\n\nIf a woman has the content, and rebel against the beauty standard they place on themselves, this movement can happen.

MrCosmicBacon: No man on earth, gives a flying fuck if your nails are painted. Women go and paint their nails, because they find it fun. As well as like designing patterns on their nails.\n"Who says womens nails have ot be painted and mens do not?" NO ONE SAID THAT

Svein Engelsgjerd: Stashed up she appeared to be a bit more elegant, but when she removed the dress and makeup I honestly think she immediately became more approachable, more trustworthy, more sexy and simply more woman. I wish more women realized that plastic is not that fantastic after all.

iloveyoshi0xo: As a woman, I agree with her message. People shouldn't have to look a certain way to be successful. I sometimes wear makeup and wear heels and such, but I don't blame society for making me do it. I do it because it makes me feel confident. I like the way it makes me look, yeah but I won't point my finger at the media and blame them for it. Makeup it art. I buy certain clothes because it's fun to coordinate my outfits. AND I SHAVE BECAUSE HAIR IS ITCHY. \n\nIt's funny how she says in the beginning of the video that we could do so many things with our time if we would stop wasting time on beauty BULLSHIT. If I weren't pampering myself early in the morning before work/school I'd be SLEEPING. I wouldn't be setting my alarm at 5:30am to learn a new language, play an instrument, or exercise (some people do, but I sure as hell don't).\n\nDon't let people tell you that skinny/fat is in right now. Because there are so many mixed messages in the media right now "skinny people have eating disorders and are sick/only skinny people should be models" and "fat people are gross and should work out more/you should love your body the way it is." Bottom line is: If you're healthy and happy, great. If not, do something to change it. Otherwise quit bitching. \n\nAnd if people look at you funny because you're not looking a certain way, tell em to fuck off and die. 

sharpemang: I clicked on this video expecting to see this lady bare nekkid because the title said so. That promise was not fulfilled and I want my 15 minutes back. 

Lofty Muses: No one is forcing you to dress up and look good, but other women who do make that extra effort will get the men they want, and if you don't care about that then don't dress up and look good.

Leonard Szubinski: More feminist bullshit! Does it ever end?

Caelroigh Blunt: Tracey Spicer looks as good or better without her makeup. In my experience, many, if not most women do. I cringe a little every time I see a woman wearing stiletto heels, or any clothing that seems uncomfortable.\n\n The truth is; women are beautiful. Of course makeup and such can enhance that beauty but they shouldn't let men or society or anything make them feel as if they need to enhance anything. Any man who is disparaging of a woman's looks without makeup has confidence issues of his own in my opinion.

Michel Cormier: Seeking for Love ?\n\n          Google TRUTH CONTEST and read     THE PRESENT.

Frappa Canu: i no longer use makeup cause i am allergic to it. my skin got so much better since i just wash my face and apply moisturizer. my hair is naturally straight so i don't need to do anything with it. i really save a lot of time.. but i spend it all watching videos on youtube! :D