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Toronto cosmetic clinic highlights selection of fat transfer procedures - rocketnews site in which the fat

Toronto, Ontario — Toronto Cosmetic Clinic (TCC), a Canadian cosmetic plastic surgery  and non-surgical clinic located in the middle of Toronto, offers an array of fat transfer measures in parts of the body which include the chest, bottom, cheekbones, lips, sides, and hands.

Fat transfer procedures, that are also generally known as fat grafting, autologous fat transplantation and microlipoinjection, are touted like a more and safer natural option to traditional implants. Fat transfer has been utilized for several years in breast enhancement and butt enhancement procedures and it is suggested for cancer of the breast survivors who’ve gone through a double or single mastectomy.

Fat transfer has acquired recognition recently since it is basically two measures in one. By removing undesirable fat from your area and injecting it into another area, patients can get more shape in contour within the donor area as well as an enhancement within the injection area.

Dr. Mansour Bendago, Toronto Cosmetic Clinic’s fat transfer specialist, performs two kinds of fat transfer procedures, the smaller sized refined area fat transfer and also the bigger wide area.

For minor or small area fat injections, patients receive local anesthesia within the two areas, the “donor” site that fat is going to be removed, and also the “recipient” site in which the fat is going to be re-injected.  A small needle is mounted on a syringe to extract the required quantity of fat in the donor area.

Prior to the fat is reintroduced in to the patient’s body, excess fluid is taken away. Body fat will be injected in to the recipient area and the process is repeated before the preferred answers are achieved.

For bigger areas or even more comprehensive procedures, for example breast enhancement or Brazilian Butt Lifts, the little syringe approach is ineffective. Of these more nuanced procedures, body fat which is used throughout the transfer is extracted through liposuction under general anesthetic.

For fat transfer procedures, Toronto Cosmetic Clinic uses Body Jet technology using the AquaShape technique. This requires first utilizing an advanced liposuction method known as WAL (Water Aided Liposuction) to securely take away the fat. Because water is central for this manner of fat removal, it helps to ensure that fat cells are cushioned and preserved to become transferred. Applying this method, there’s a greater rate of success and fewer possibility of body fat cells dying off.  This process can also be less invasive and gentler on one’s body.

Toronto cosmetic clinic highlights selection of fat transfer procedures - rocketnews website here or

These fat transfer techniques are perfect for people searching for additional natural results, while still getting a plump and youthful appearance.

Included in the clinic’s ongoing effort to create cosmetic surgery available for everybody, Toronto Cosmetic Clinic offers convenient financing tools. There’s additionally a free consultation for potential patients, where they are able to meet Toronto Cosmetic Clinic’s physician and get about any queries or concerns they’ve already.

To learn more, you can visit Toronto Cosmetic Clinic’s website here or here.

Toronto cosmetic clinic highlights selection of fat transfer procedures - rocketnews surgical clinic

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