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Premier medical aesthetic clinic offers women the opportunity to view simulated outcomes of breast enhancement in 3D, with accurate straight line and volumetric measurements.

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) Feb 5, 2009 — Toronto Cosmetic Clinic introduces Axis Three’s Portrait 3D and XS-300 hardware, revolutionary technology that enables women to determine the predicted outcomes of breast enhancement almost immediately.

“This latest tool is really a tremendous chance not only to help patients visualize the things they could seem like, but is another phenomenal tool for me personally like a physician to supply the best way forward to the clients. Having the ability to precisely measure every individual breast virtually instantly ensures a precise implant selection making the finish result much better,” Dr. Behnaz Yazdanfar, primary physician at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic states.

XS-300 Breast Augmentation HardwareThe very first time in Canada, the strength of unique image capture technology enables someone to determine the things they may seem like pre and post breast enhancement surgery. Only one mouse click, along with a photo is going to be taken and made right into a photorealistic 3D image within 2-3 minutes, with accurate volumetric and straight line measurements. This picture may then be manipulated to simulate the end result of breast enhancement in 3D, applying the preferred changes caused by the particular implant shapes and sizes which are selected. If required, different sized implants may be used to modify each breast to have a complete and balanced contour. The predicted outcomes of surgery can be seen all angles, not only in the front like other simulation programs.

Nothing you’ve seen prior has such technology been open to clients from the aesthetic healthcare industry in Canada. It’s fast, allows you to establish realistic expectations, and it is a terrific way to see simulated leads to help determine the type of changes which are achievable through breast enhancement surgery.

Ongoing the tradition to stay around the cusp of the profession, Toronto Cosmetic Clinic offers women the choice to completely explore the options of breast enhancement with 3D imaging software before investing in surgery throughout their initial consultation. There aren’t any strings attached, and it is totally free.

About Toronto Cosmetic Clinic:

Toronto Cosmetic Clinic is really a premier cosmetic surgical clinic supplying an entire selection of procedures for that aesthetic improvement of the individual. Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a group of dedicated doctors and medical staff serve clients within the condition-of-the skill facilities of the private surgical center. Toronto Cosmetic Clinic hosts leading physicians in laser skin rejuvenation treatments, laser laser tattoo removal, liposuction, BOTOX, breast enhancement, and UltraShape.


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Axis Three 3D imaging for breast procedures