Toronto cosmetic clinic’s dr. mansour bendago celebrates twenty years of practice

Toronto cosmetic clinic’s dr. mansour bendago celebrates twenty years of practice cosmetic surgeon must reshape

(Newswire.internet — August 10, 2016) — Society’s passion for the bottom appears to possess arrived at fever pitch within the last decade, as celebrities like Kim Kardashian are admired for his or her voluminous posterior and ladies all over the world squat, plank and lunge their distance to shapelier derrieres.

As the desire to have a plump, round bottom seems like a current phenomenon, our captivation using the posterior really goes back to ancient civilization and could be found through various representations in cultures around the world.

For hundreds of years, the feminine bottom happen to be symbolic of fertility and sweetness. Statues dating back to as far a 24,000 BCE, like the Venus of Willendorf, feature exaggerated bottom, sides, and thighs, denoting female fertility and desirability. Actually, the term Venus, the name of the Roman mythological god connected with love and sweetness, proceeds numerous statues which have prominent bottom, like Venus Callipyge.

Just consider our language. We’re so pre-occupied with rear-ends there are greater than 20 synonyms for that word “buttocks”. But (no pun intended), not we are born having a fabulous fanny. For individuals less endowed those who desire a far more massive gluteus maximus, there’s padded under garments, push-up pants and padding that may temporarily enhance the feel of one’s posterior.

For individuals wanting a far more lasting and impactful solution, there’s nothing much better than the Brazilian Butt Lift (fat transfer to bottom), that is the defacto standard for ladies who would like to have perfect, round, voluptuous, and bottom.

In Canada, there’s one cosmetic surgeon who activly works to contour and shape your body having a particular concentrate on the butt. Dr. Mansour Bendago, a board certified cosmetic surgeon practicing at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic in Toronto, is really good at performing Brazilian butt lifts, he’s earned the illustrious title of “Butt Lift King”.

Dr. Mansour Bendago, who earned his cosmetic surgery accreditations in the College of Saskatchewan, achieved a momentous milestone this season — twenty years and services information, six of that have been spent at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic.

The physician, who began his medical learning Libya, was always thinking about medicine however, he was especially attracted to cosmetic surgery since it is among the couple of areas which encompasses aestheticism. “I chose to enter Plastic and Rebuilding surgery in line with the concepts of having the ability to control the finish consequence of a process,” explains Dr. Mansour Bendago.

Toronto cosmetic clinic’s dr. mansour bendago celebrates twenty years of practice who activly works

Dr. Bendago, who offered because the Assistant Professor of Surgery at College of Saskatchewan before relocating to Toronto, established fact for his previous work on the Cosmetic Surgery Department of Rouge Valley Health System, where also, he offered as Chief of Cosmetic Surgery and President from the Medical Staff Society.

The butt specialist at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic, Dr. Bendago appreciates the artistic freedom plastic and rebuilding surgery enables.

“There is definitely an effective way to carry out a procedure. But, once the finish outcome is aesthetic-based, you have to plan and manipulate the process to satisfy your expectations which from the patient’s,” states Dr. Bendago. “When a cosmetic surgeon must reshape and contour an element of the body, there are lots of techniques that the surgeon can decide on to have the preferred result.”

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Toronto cosmetic clinic’s dr. mansour bendago celebrates twenty years of practice civilization and could be